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picture from-www.indianexpress.com

picture from-www.indianexpress.com

Inclusion of Narendra Modi in parliamentary board of BJP project Modi from local politics of Gujarat to national politics of India. Hatrick of BJP in Gujarat in leadership of Modi highlighted Modi being a strong leader, and that is the reason why Modi gain popularity through social media websites and mainstream media. Resignation of Nitin Gadkari from president, let Rajnath Singh who believed to be close to Modi back in to the action.

Modi effect came in to highlight when new party chief announced his new team and Smriti Irani, Amit Shah , Prabhat jha who always seems close to Modi have given major responsibilities in the team. Rajnath Singh is trying to utilize popularity of Modi in favour of party that is why Modi has given a task of party promotion in Karnataka state. But unfortunately party crashed in the Karnataka state assembly elections. Nevertheless Modi only tried to promote party and he was not responsible for results.

Goa meet of BJP working committee created controversies and differences publically came out. Narendra Modi has been awarded here with new post of chairman of BJP publicity campaign. All party workers and leaders welcomed the decision of party.

Advani hoped to come at Goa meet but Advani showed his regret for Modi by refusing to join Goa meet . Real surprise for party came when this senior leader of party sent his resignation from three important posts of BJP to party chief Mr. Rajnath Singh over his neglection in party. All party leaders were shocked by this decisiona of Mr. Advani. Party called meeting of parliantry board and board rejected his resignation.

Advani hoped big sympathy from party leaders but all turned into a dream as he got weak response from party. He took off his decision after a healthy discussion with RSS chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat. All turned to be normal as told by party but it put big question mark on party ideologies.Mr. Lal Krishna Advani is one of the founding member of BJP. He always kept infocus of party and have gradually contributed to party’s condition. But he has grown older and now party demands for new enlightened and popular leader to lead them. Advani was not accepting the truth rather then he is feeling himself neglected by the party. He should promote face like Modi against Congress, public demands so as to get rid of miss-governance. Party already took over loss by projecting Advani in 2009 elections. Advani should step back of his ego as a boss of BJP and should accept the mass appeal of Narendra Modi.


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