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Political parties to amend constitution to protect themselves


India got independent sixty five years ago but still we are not free. Before independence we were governed by britishers. They were insensitive and rediculas. They did not care of public and are dedicated on to self business. Image of that rule is similar to the present government and politics. Still poor face atrocities and mis-governance can be seen from the present situation of the UPA government. Change that is brought in by independance that pre-independance we were oppressed by forigners and post-independance this work is carried out by our fellow countryman.

From constitution formation to now, many laws had been created to stop crime and to maintain law & order. But its the failure of democracy that laws had not created to clean dirt from Indian politics. Once a person become MP, MLA or minister, he can’t able to handle immense power and start missusing this power Instead public welfare, he begin to fulfill his need and his care about public that was seen at the time of election get away in to air.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari our democracy has been critically wounded by politicians and bureaucrats. Corruption and ignorance is an major issue that effect system to be un-efficient. In true sense an leader is a representative of his area. As a representative his responsibility is to fulfil need of public and to take problems in frunt of authorities. But these politicians don’t care of his public.

One factor that can change system is bureaucrat but a bureaucrat also face corruption of system. If bureaucrat try to improve conditions and take immidiate and strict actions then he/she face obstruction from politicians. Political party of a leaders affect his working as he has to take step accordingly party. So we can say that corruption majorly comes from politics.

Purification of political system is a need of time to make our system sculpated. If politicians will be devoted and honest then he can represent us in frunt of authorities in more effective and productive way. But infact it is not possible to clean politics because this will need a strong law to create clean and clear politics. Biggest problem is that right to create law is reserved for parliament and state assemblies. If any other body try to plant any improvement then all parties unites and collectively pass a bill that deactivates the improvement.

Order of Central Information Commision to include six major political parties under RTI and supreme court decree to amend public representative act are some major steps that have been seen as an improvement in kind of politics of India. These steps taken by CIC and court had brought a hope for commen men that now they can have a leader who will not be a criminal and that leader can actually lead them. But all turned to be a dream as all party opposed this decision and collectively agree to inactive the these dicision. In the monsoon session these amendments are likely to pass.


Passing such a dicision and applying that in system is actually as defficult as burning matchsticks in storm. A well understood fact behind such case is that law cannot be created for those who creates law. For example corrupt bureaucrats can be punished by CVC and other authorithies but nobody can punish him except court which also not able to punish him strictly as available laws already give him relief. Thus politicians have created laws to provoke corruption so how can we hope from them an law that is dedicated to public welfare.


Whenever demand to vanish corruption from politics as well as system has raised everytime government dodged public. Latest case of such kind is Lokpal bill. Collision of govenment and Anna Hazare over some issues finally decision to bring two separate bill and then dramatically rejection of Jan lokpal by cabinet. All was an elusion because still government has not brought bill. Also inclusion of ministers, MP, MLA and PM has been clearly rejected.

After having a look of all that has happened so far to clean politics either by government of India or any other authority, we can see that nothing has gone in favour of healthy and effective politics so far. So what should be done so as to bring these changes in political system? This question trouble each and every Indian. We have developed a habit of these conditions. A campaign should be organished like our pre-independence era where our freedom fighters have fought for freedom. All must unite to break silence against dictatorship of government. If this could be possible then dream of clean and clear politics can turn into reality.


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